Employers have recognized that people with disabilities provide a reliable and valuable source of labour. For them, it’s all about being profitable and employees who have a disability have demonstrated they can make businesses better.

Paid work can make a real difference in a person’s life. It creates a sense of purpose, generates income, provides social connections and most importantly provides opportunities for people to contribute and share their gifts and talents.

It’s time for work. Where will it be?

  1. As always, passions and interests are the best place to start. Identify those interests and then look for the opportunities. For example, if someone is interested in boats, they may find a position working maintenance in a marina, cleaning boats, working in a marine supplies store or food services at a marina, etc. Explore the idea of identifying an interest and then brainstorm creative work opportunities.

  2. Becoming a valued employee often starts at home. List the responsibilities you can take on at home to develop new skills and a sense of responsibility.

  3. Often the greatest indicator of employment as an adult is having a part-time job as a teenager. If you’re still in school, list part-time positions that you may be interested in.



We would discourage people to take volunteer positions that others are paid for. There needs to be a clear separation of work that should be paid versus volunteer opportunities. If it helps to think of it this way – “don’t do any work for free that others are being paid for”.

There are many steps involved in finding work. Use these conversations as a first step to discuss potential job opportunities that could be a good fit. If you need help moving forward there are many agencies that may be able to provide support, training and connections to employers. But if there is not – then remember most people find their first job through someone they know.

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Funding for Taking Charge of Your Life was provided by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services through the Strategic Program Investments Fund. This special fund was created out of the 2013 Class Action Suit Settlement to enhance the ability of people with a developmental disability to guide and influence decisions affecting them from a system and personal perspective.

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