Many people who live full lives would consider themselves life-long learners. Most communities have many different learning opportunities available both formally and informally. High schools, colleges and universities are obvious but there are so many other opportunities. Community centres, libraries, non-profit groups or companies offer learning opportunities. You can also consider individual teachers or mentors to learn new skills. Opportunities are unlimited.

  1. Ask those who have gathered what they are learning about now or new things they are trying.

  2. As you begin to list the things you might want to consider always, start with an interest or passion first and then look for learning opportunities in your community. What’s offered by your town or city, or parks and recreation center or even your library?

  3. Are there programs or courses in a local college or university that may have interest?

  4. Are there groups or meet-ups in your community that focus on a developing a skill or passion?

  5. It doesn’t have to be a scheduled course. Are there things you might be interested in learning where you can ask someone to share their experiences or expertise with you?

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Funding for Taking Charge of Your Life was provided by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services through the Strategic Program Investments Fund. This special fund was created out of the 2013 Class Action Suit Settlement to enhance the ability of people with a developmental disability to guide and influence decisions affecting them from a system and personal perspective.

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