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Even when it comes to fun, opportunities for people living with a disability have been limited to special programs and supports. Most people had very few opportunities.

Contrast that with the unlimited opportunities people in the general public have for fun and it’s a big issue. There is no reason why every person in a community can’t participate in most activities that are offered. Everyone has the same rights to participate in all their community has to offer.

To get started, think about your passions and interests first. Every person has their own interests and most activities will be more successful if you’re interested in them.


But don’t limit yourself to existing interests, think creatively to come up with a long list of new activities that might be a good fit and could be worth trying out.

  1. Ask those you have gathered to share with you what they are involved in. Don’t forget to list the things your friends, family and neighbours are also doing that seem interesting. You might want to think about whether any of those things sound interesting to you that you may want to try?

  2. Consider the many roles that people hold in your community. Whether it’s the role of an athlete, a sailor, an artist, a gardener or any other role, identify the role and then look at all the things a person does while in that role.


  • Consider new activities where the same people gather on a regular basis. This has the added benefit of creating opportunities to make new friendships.

  • Don’t forget to identify activities in every season. If you’re having these conversations in the summer, are there things you might like to try in the winter for example.

  • You should have a fairly long list now - Take a few minutes to share with others what on that list interests you. Inviting others in the group to participate in the activity with you can be a lot of fun.

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